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Reduce your energy bills, not your curb appeal.

Powerful. Elegant. Rugged.

This is what home solar was meant to be. Now available with zero-down financing, to help you save from day one.

There are 3 simple questions to consider when shopping for solar:

1. How much energy will my solar panels produce?

2. How long will my solar system last?

3. Who makes my solar panels?

By installing solar systems on many homes in Delaware & Maryland we have helped families lower their utility bills while enjoying clean, renewable energy from the sun. At ULTRA we make the complex simple, helping you go solar in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Consultation

We educate then you decide! Our mission is to meet the energy needs of our customers and provide the best solar solution for your home. We will go over all of your questions, from projected savings estimates to discussing the solar financing and purchase options that will work for you. What’s important to you is important to us, and we are committed to working with you in designing the perfect system to meet your needs.

Step 2: Design & Installation

We generate Savings without sacrificing your curb appeal! Our in-house team of certified designers and installers will help make your dreams a reality. We handle the entire process from permitting to installation, to make sure you have an enjoyable experience going solar.

Step 3: Activation & Monitoring

We flip the switch, you reap the benefits! Our team will facilitate the inspections and coordination of activation with your utility, to ensure a smooth transition after installation. We will come out, get your system turned on, answer any questions you have, and you are on your way to savings! With SunPower monitoring options, you can login any time and see what your system is producing!

$0 Down Financing

Years of savings with SunPower can start with little to no costs up front. And now that home solar costs less than traditional power in many neighborhoods, we’re offering financing options perfect for every budget.

Energy from the sun, now in the cloud.

It’s easy to monitor your SunPower solar system and see your home’s solar savings–anytime, anywhere–from your computer or mobile device.

 “Going solar is one of the best decisions I think anyone can make. It pays for itself, helps us improve the quality of air we breathe, and increases the value of your home. It’s no wonder everyone that I know that went solar is pleased they did. What’s not to love about it?”

Brandon M., Maryland SunPower Customer

Ready to calculate your solar savings potential? Contact ULTRA Solar Today to See How Much You Can Save!

Energy savings achieved and return on investment depend upon a number of factors that vary according to each customer’s particular circumstances. Without limitation, these factors include: equipment used, solar system size, solar panel orientation and shading, insolation available, and applicable utility rates and rate structure, as well as customer’s eligibility for rebates, incentives, and net-metering or similar programs (the availability of which may differ for each customer). Therefore, each customer’s experience will vary, and the descriptions above may not represent the average customer’s experience with home solar.

Here’s a look at a few of our residential projects:

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