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Reduce your carbon footprint, increase your home value, and save money on energy!

Save Money!

With our solar systems, you can start saving money the minute your system is turned on. Your utility bills will drop drastically from day one, and they’ll stay low as long as the sun is shining. Depending on energy usage and system size, some of our customers can receive credits for excess energy produced. And with low maintenance costs and excellent warranties, you can enjoy clean, renewable energy for years to come.

- $0 out of pocket option

- Lock in lower energy costs than expensive utility rates

- Dramatically reduce your monthly energy bill

- Receive credits for excess energy produced


With big incentives from the federal government and the State, switching to solar has never made more financial sense.

Thanks to a generous 30% Federal tax credit and State cash rebates, the cost of your installation can be reduced by as much as 40%. These programs won’t last forever, so talk to our friendly staff today and find out how much you can save.

- State cash rebates

- Federal tax incentives

- Utility company rebates

Cash or Loan?

We make solar affordable. Ready to go solar but don’t have the cash? We offer several different loan packages so you can start saving money today. ULTRA's in house financing team works with our exclusive finance partners to find solutions that are as unique as our clients. We can tailor a financing program to your specific goals. Our solar energy specialists consider your particular energy needs and financial goals. Whether you’re interested in financial flexibility or maximizing your return-on-investment, ULTRA is the best choice when you want to go solar.

ULTRA's loan products include:

- $0 down payment required

- Credit Score of 680+ recommended

- Simple, unsecured financing

- Long term: up to 20-year; You can choose from 5-20 years

- Fixed Low rates: from 2.99% APR (OAC*)

- No pre-payment penalty

- No annual escalator

- One-time principal pay down within 18 months—use your incentives as leverage to lock in a lower payment for the term of the loan

- When it’s paid off, you own it—and you have free electricity for life

Commercial Lease & PPA options:

- $0 down payment required

- Lowest monthly payments

- Lock in a low rate for up to 25 years

- Unique early buy-out opportunity if you decide to buy your system before the end of term

- Flexible options at end of lease term: renew, purchase, request free removal, upgrade to the newest technology available, and more…


With rising concerns over our planet’s resources, there has never been a better time to install a solar energy system. By powering your home with clean, renewable energy from the sun, you can prevent thousands of pounds of harmful carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Not only can solar energy save you money, but it can also save the planet as well.

- Decrease your carbon footprint

- Preserve the environment

- Reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels


A solar system is only as good as the company who stands behind it. Alongside our own warranties on workmanship and installation, we proudly partner with SunPower and offer the best warranties in the industry.

Not only are SunPower panels the most reliable and efficient, but they also last the longest. With SunPower’s industry-leading 25-year power & product warranty, you can rest easy knowing your solar panels will last even longer than that. Most panel manufacturers only guarantee a limited power output beyond 5-10 years.

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