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Who We Are

At ULTRA Solar & Wind Solutions, we pride ourselves on our high quality installations, our attention to detail, and our service-oriented business model. Our certified staff has more than 20+ years experience combined in developing residential solar energy systems and high quality commercial solar projects. We love partnering with our clients to find the right solar solution for their home or business.

We specialize in every aspect of your solar energy system: from its design and sale, to its professional installation and continued maintenance for decades to come. Our highly trained staff has years of experience with both residential and commercial projects, and we’ve generated hundreds of happy clients across Delaware & Maryland.

When you’re ready to go solar, let the ULTRA family create the perfect SunPower system for you. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make one of the safest and smartest investments around.

ULTRA is able to offer solar panels from all major manufacturers, but we’re especially proud to offer SunPower: the manufacturer of the most efficient and reliable photovoltaic modules available in the world. SunPower’s high-efficiency modules create more energy from fewer cells, allowing for a smaller footprint and more attractive final system on your roof or property.

SunPower Advantage

We proudly partner with SunPower to give you the very best in solar energy systems. With world record breaking technology, SunPower solar panels are up to 50% more efficient than standard solar panels. This means we can generate the electricity you need with much less equipment on your roof.

In addition, independent third-party tests have proven time and time again that SunPower panels create the highest amount of electricity while enduring real-world conditions. To maximize your energy production while minimizing your utility bills, the only choice is SunPower.

- World record breaking design

- Industry leading cell technology , with over 200 patents

- Generates the most electricity from the smallest footprint

- Superior quality guarantees consistent performance for decades

- 25-year combined product & power warranty

- Cradle to Cradle Certified 

Why ULTRA Solar & Wind Solutions

What makes ULTRA the right choice for your home or business? We’re a locally owned company, and we have pride in our ownership. We understand that our strong reputation for customer satisfaction has led to our many years of success—and we look forward to many more years of helping our clients enjoy solar energy.

- Careful planning and professional analysis with every system

- Industry-certified design & installation team

- Industry-leading performance and warranties

- Satisfied clients across Delaware & Maryland

ULTRA Solar Cares

Community First Program: ULTRA proudly serves and participates in giving back to the community through numerous events in and around our community. Check out some of our recent events below, and Follow us on Facebook.com, to stay current with our local event efforts. If you are interested in partnering with ULTRA Solar to support local events throughout Delaware & Maryland, please send inquiries to admin@ultrasolarandwind.com.

ULTRA Solar Referral Program

Like our product? Do you know others who might like it too? Share us with your friends and family and if they sign up with us, you will earn rewards! Earn $500 once your referral completes a purchase.

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